I was reading The Guardian this morning and came across this article on the rise of Dominos Pizza in the UK. You know that I am generally quite a healthy eater, but I lived on that stuff when I was doing my Masters. The Dominos where I was was open 24 hours, and so at about 2 or 3 am, a bunch of us would call and order Dominos to be delivered to us in the library. We’d stuff our faces and then go back to work. I can’t imagine doing that  regularly now, but over the course of that year, I definitely thought many warm, fuzzy, loving thoughts toward Dominos then because without their late-night sustenance, I don’t know what would have happened. On reading the article, I can see how their business model has led them to be so successful, with 26% of the UK pizza market, and £170m worth of sales. I definitely contributed my fair share to that sales figure and I know this for certain, LOL.

The article struck a chord because Dominos have now become firmly established on the Nigerian scene, and I’ve found it quite fascinating watching what their presence has done to the Nigerian pizza scene. They have certainly given Double Four and Debonair’s a run for their money, although Debonair’s seem to be holding their own with their loyal customers. What fascinates me most about Dominos in Nigeria is that they understood very quickly how to tailor their global offering to this market. Hands up anyone who was pleasantly surprised to find Chicken Suya Pizza on the menu, and Jollof Rice as one of the sides on the menu. The latter bit I found hilarious initially, but a bit gross when they went a step further and added a Jollof Rice Pizza to the menu. That’s a step too far, in my opinion, but hey.

The point of all this is that I’ve heard lots of arguments from various people for and against the introduction of some of these international fast food brands to Nigeria, based on the impact these changes will have on our diets and our general food culture and well being. What do you think?

You can read the article in full here and leave your comments below. Happy reading!