As promised folks, here are pictures of Christmas Day lunch, catered by yours truly. My cousin *BO* very kindly printed some menus on the day but WordPress refuses to display it properly so we’re missing out on her artwork.


Pumpkin soup

Pigs in blankets

Smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill

Almond and mixed pepper cous cous salad

Bread basket



24-hour brined turkey seasoned with sage and tarragon butter

Roast duck with a honey and tangerine glaze

Tender leg of lamb

Sauteed potatoes

Mozzarella and cheddar pasta

Buttery pilau rice

Brussel sprouts

Marrow, green beans and oyster mushrooms

Rocket salad




Christmas cake

Chocolate cake

Minced pies and brandy cream

Chocolate selection

Ice cream

Morayos Coconut Cookies


Tea and Coffee




Chicken skewers

Jumbo prawn skewers

Spicy meatballs

Ginger coriander dip

Homemade humus and vegetable sticks


smoked salmon

Pumpkin Soup 

Roast duck and mac and cheese

charles mignon champagne

Turkey with sage and pigs in blankets

Lettuce Cabbage Carrots Sweet Corn Salad

prawns and pepper and herb dip

leg of lamb roast


I didn’t remember to take pictures of the gravy but there were two kinds, red wine reduction made with the lamb juices and a combined turkey and duck one made from the roasting juices and stock from random bits that come in the cavity like the neck. I’m sure you all are chuckling about how dodo and gizzdo feature made it onto the menu. All I know is that there is some sort of crack in plantain and I though I had said no to all the usual jollofing and moi-moi-ing etc, plantain remained on the menu. LOL. You have to have plantain. It all turned out really well, thankfully, and we were eating leftovers for a good week afterwards. What did you have for Christmas lunch? Did you stay in? Did you go out for a meal? P.S. All you people who swanned off and abandoned us in Lagos need not reply. I don’t want to hear about your exotic December holiday, I’m reeeeaaally not interested, lol.