It is a lovely Saturday morning and I am sitting in my favourite neighbourhood cafe catching up on a few things. I tried T25 by Shaun T for the first time this morning and ended up ravenous. So you know I had to have a full English breakfast. Anyway, while I was eating and just generally knocking around the internet, I came across a post on Food52 about 6 Ways to Use Coffee Beans. The smell of coffee was wafting all around me and so I was inspired to do a little list of my own. Here are 6 things to do with coffee…


1. Kick your baking up a notch

When I remember, I like to throw a bit of coffee into my chocolate cake batter and when I forget, I might compensate by icing the cake with coffee frosting. I like my chocolate cakes dark, bordering on sinister, and adding a bit of coffee to the batter serves to deepen the flavours and make it feel more rich and decadent. This is a chocolate cake I made back in June with a little shot of coffee in the batter and Baileys buttercream icing.


Dark chocolate cake with Baileys buttercream icing

And a spoonful of coffee makes the chocolate go down, in the most delightful way



2.  Exfoliate

I went to the TW Spa Party at Four Points Hotel recently and had the best body scrub ever. They buffed me from head to toe with coffee grounds and then scrubbed my skin with large orange slices as the ‘sponge’. The smell was intoxicating, and my skin was smooth and purified afterward. After that, I was bundled into a steaming hot shower to wash off the coffee, and then massaged with aromatherapy oils. It was divine. This technique is not jut for women wither. For guys who have ingown hairs or shaving bumps and need to exfoliate often, try doing so with your leftover coffee grounds.

Exfoliating scrub coffee grounds and orange slices (c) wholeliving

Coffee grounds and oranges for smooth, firmer skin. Picture from



3. Rinse your hair

Apparently, caffeine helps to curb excessive hair shedding. Many people have found that a quick coffee rinse after shampooing and before conditioning helps to cut down on the amoun of hair they shed. Jeni over at Just Grow Already has a really good explanation and really luscious hair to boot, so I can take her word for it. Coffee is also an excellent DIY hair dye, for covering greys or darkening your hair gradually over time without compromising the health of the strands.

Home made hair rinses (c) stylecraze

Darken your hair or stop shedding with a coffee rinse. Photo from



4. Do some gardening

If you are the green fingered sort (sadly I am not, and I wonder regularly what this means for my idyllic dreams of growing vegetables with my future children) then you probably already do this. Coffee grounds are said to perk up the soil and help some house plants to thrive.

how to use coffee grounds (c) insomnia

Coffee for gardening. Photo from



5. Make cool, aged looking paper

Hndwritten letters (c) chic-type

There’s something charming about old books and old paper. You can recreate that charm at home with coffee. Image from

Do you like to hand write letters? I do. I like to send handwritten thank you notes. You can create a really cool aged effect on paper by scrunching up the sheet of paper, dipping it in a bowl/tray of coffee, and then carefully straightening out the paper and letting it air or oven dry. Once it is dry, pour your heart out in your grandest and most heartfelt scrawl, and then deliver the letter to the object of your affection. Don’t forget to age the envelope too! I discovered the Naija Husband blog yesterday and read through it like an addict in one afternoon. How is this relevant, you ask? Well, his wife likes him to write her letters and he has resolved to try to continue to do so. Maybe he can try this out the next time he is feels inspired to write her. He might get brownie points for effort, LOL.


6. Drink it, obviously

Let’s not play. There are many things you can do with coffee but I feel this list would be incomplete if I failed to acknowledge the sheer joy with which I regard my hot cup of black coffee in the morning. Having a shower, getting dressed can only do so much for your game face. Coffee locks it in place.

Coffeeee (c) bforbel

Good morning, world. Image from



Have you ever tried any of the things above? What weird and wonderful things do you do with coffee? Happy Saturday, people. x