I was mooching around the internet this afternoon, looking for nothing in particular. You know that ‘can the weekend begin already feeling’. Anyway, I happened to stumble upon some inspiration and thought I would share.


Lorraine Pascal

I am a huge fan or hers. We now all know her as a TV cook who creates stunning dishes from simple ingredients, but she started off as a model and as a mechanic. Isn’t that cool? I like that she has diverse interests, is really talented, and is clearly a serious business person. Most of all, I like the fact that she smiles loads and just seems like a genuinely warm person. Plus, she is gorgeous.


Lorraine Pascale holding dessertLorraine Pascal by Robert Wilson


Lohi’s Creations Moi Moi Pops

Lohi’s Creations is a food blog I’ve recently discovered and I love the fact that she’s a professional chef who is lighting up the food scene in Canada with her creative take on Nigerian food. Boy do I wish I knew about her when I was in Canada! These Moi Moi Pops caught my eye because they are lighthearted, fanciful and fun; they really turn the traditional stodgy moi moi image on its head. I definitely want to try making these soon.


Lohi's Creations Moi Moi Pops


Sushi with a Twist

On a recent shopping haul at L’epicerie in Lagos, I scored a set of ingredients and tools for making sushi. I haven’t made it yet because I haven’t decided what twist I want to make it with. You know me – it’s got to be different and interesting. So today, while looking for ideas, I came across this crazy sushi image and it made me chuckle. Someone actually knitted all this. I found the image at Emily’s Recipes and Reviews. How cool is this? You have to love creativity.


Knitted Sushi


Fun Ideas for Strawberries

Today feels like a good day to buy a great big punnet for enjoying late at night while watching a movie (popcorn can step aside tonight). It has been a while since I bought these, and that needs to be fixed. I love the ice cube idea because I think it would be great in cocktails or large jugs of fresh fruit flavoured water; and the little strawberry santas are the cutest. I’m going to keep them in mind as part of Christmas table dessert ideas this for later on year.


Strawberry Ice Cube from Domesblissity dot comStrawberry Santas at Desire Empire dot com


That’s it from me folks. Have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Eat well and have a happy weekend! x