About Minjiba Cookey Omnomlagos Food Blog

I have always been fascinated by food. I was that child who was always mooching round the grown ups in the kitchen. Now I’m that grown up who is always mooching round the kitchen, thinking of what to make next and feeding everyone. I am excited by everything to do with food, whether that’s eating out or eating in and I enjoy the celebratory atmosphere of enjoying good food with family and friends.

When I moved back to Lagos, I had not lived here in a long looong time, and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to conveniently find interesting ingredients to cook and bake with. Over the last few months I have been pleasantly surprised by the things I’ve found, and I’ve learnt to embrace the feeling of triumph when you find gems in unexpected places, as well as the feeling of frustration when you can’t find what you want, and you are forced grudgingly to improvise with random ingredients.

One great thing which I absolutely love is that the ingredients for all our own Naija dishes are infinitely fresher here than anything I ever got in Accra or London, so I have been enjoying cooking up a storm with the local dishes too. You can expect to see a mix of different types of food on here. If I’m craving something, you will know about it, because if I crave it, I have to make it.

I’m not always a stellar citizen when it comes to blogging my cooking/baking because a lot of the time I have wolfed the meal down before I ever remember that taking pictures might have been a good idea. And there’s no guarantee that I’ll make the exact same thing twice. Nonetheless, this blog is a little window into my food adventures – some traditional,  some slightly avant garde, a little bit of savoury and a little bit of sweet. Om nom nom nom…

I hope that all the foodies in Lagos will enjoy reading this blog. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions, please let me know. My contact details are on the Contact Me page.


Minjiba 🙂