It was my very first time in Cape Town, and although it wasn’t nearly a long enough trip, I was delighted to have been able to walk around town a little bit in between meetings. One day, for lunch, our host took us to Bird’s Boutique Cafe. The decor was lovely. Rustic, but minimalist and clean. Lots of timber and texture. I had a delicious salad with duck, naatje (like a super sweet tangerine or clementine), rocket, lettuce, garden peas, and a homemade vinaigrette. It is possibly the best salad I have ever eaten, and for that you will have to excuse my wonky photography. I have since made versions of this here at home in Lagos and it is a wonderful combination. You should try it. Poultry, sweet citrus, contrasted by something earthy. Fabulous.


I loved the rustic and uncluttered decor.

Birds Cafe Cape Town



My duck and naatje salad with gorgeous fresh greens and anchovies

Duck and Naatje Salad at Bird's Boutique Cafe Cape Town



Set up for casual and relaxed dining. So much light. Lovely.

Rustic and relaxed detailing at Birds Boutique Cafe Cape Town