Coming out of the festive season and all the gluttony that it comes with, I was at a bit of a loose end as to what to blog about. I didn’t want to start the year talking about a big fat chocolate cake, but I didn’t want to blog about salad and dry crackers either.  I mean for most of us, clichéd as it is, we are very much trying to adopt the “new year, new you” mind set, or what is called “fit fam” here in Nigeria.

I’m with you, I really am. I mean, I bought myself a brand new bikini on a whim while I was out Christmas shopping for presents in December and since January 1st, I have been trying it on every week to remind myself that remaining in shape is of utmost importance. Especially now, since I am elbow deep in food all day, every day. I refuse to become that person who wobbles with the same intensity as her puddings.

However, I’ve never believed in extreme diets; all those tortuous ones where you can have liquids only, or only certain coloured foods on certain days, or have to cut out whole food groups entirely. Please!  That’s just far too complex, and as far as I’m concerned, only going to end in tears. So although one needs to watch what one eats, I really think it is important to have balance and a sense of proportion.

For this reason, I am going to start you off with these little goodies that have become favourites of mine. I have been making a lot of these recently especially for parties, and gatherings. I call them my Naija Fusion Canapés on Fleek. Okay I’m really sorry. I have no idea whether I am using that ‘on fleek’ slang grammatically correctly or not, but I find it hilarious especially as I don’t know where it came from or why everyone is now always saying xyz is ‘on fleek’.

Anyway, I like my range of canapés because they are absolutely delicious and pack a punch where flavour is concerned. Each morsel is made with quality, not quantity in mind, so I’ve found that people can enjoy them at parties, without getting that over stuffed, over-riced, over-fed feeling.  This my friends, is the way forward for Nigerian food. Fusion, utility and pleasure, all rolled into one. Without further ado, here they are…  enjoy!

Omnomlagos asun and avocado sushi

Omnomlagos spicy grilled prawn and cucumber naija canapes and finger foods

Omnomlagos sweet potato and chicken suya canape and boerworst sausage opopo and ata rodo chutney canape

Omnomlagos modern Nigerian food moimoi quails egg and caviar canape

I apologise that there are no step by step photos for these. I am usually quite fastidious about capturing the process but I have been so busy recently that I am lucky to have a picture of the final product. Hope you enjoy salivating over these and that you are inspired to recreate them at home.

Do you generally like canapes and finger foods at parties, or do you believe exclusively in party rice? What’s your favourite fusion idea? Any wacky combos you’d like me to try? Or do you like to keep it simple with the traditional small chops. Leave a comment! 🙂