I love cake. That is one of the simple facts of life. Cake is life. So you will forgive me for getting giddy when the C word is mentioned around me. Cake, cake, cake!

Fresh out of the oven

Eating cake is great, but baking cake is even better because at the end you feel you have deserved every last crumb. Here is one of my favourite recipes – Chocolate and Guinness Cake from the Hummingbird Bakery .

Getting iced, iced, baby!

The heavy hitting ingredients are pure Lindt 70% dark chocolate, lashings of butter, and a healthy slosh of stout. The result is a deeply rich, moist, melt in your mouth sponge contrasted beautifully by the slight tang of traditional cream cheese dressing.

Waiting impatiently to be eaten…

I have made it twice now, both as birthday gifts for my nearest and dearest. I decorated them differently each time but the feedback was still amazing. The pics above were from Dad’s birthday, and the ones below are from Sis’s birthday. For her birthday, I put on a gold sash and a subtly sparkly finish.

Second time round, the high fashion version

I think I need to make this again sometime. Orders are very welcome. Go on, give me an excuse to make this again, because until now, I haven’t allowed myself!

Sparkly finish