I would like to begin with a confession. I have been to Cold Stone four times in  a 10 day span. That is terrible. Considering ice-cream was a rare indulgence for me before they arrived in Lagos, this new frequency is a worrying trend.

But it is so goooood. I had never had Cold Stone before they came to Lagos. I wish I could go back to that. But since that’s impossible and a tad impractical as they have now cheekily opened literally down the road from my house (damn you, Cold Stone) I figure I should just go ahead and wax lyrical.

The concept is you start off with a base flavour of ice cream and then mix in a series of fattening enhancements so think gummy bears, brownies, M&Ms, chocolate chunks, macerated fruit, nuts, fudge, sprinkles, wafers, the works.  So far, I have had the Apple Pie one, the Founder’s Favourite, and the Birthday Cake Remix.

The Apple Pie one is my absolute favourite. I think that’s going to be my default choice from now on. It has actual chunks of stewed apple, and crumbly bits of Graham cracker to simulate pie crusts. I’m past worrying that I now have a default flavour. If you can’t beat them, join them. This is the most delicious set of endorphins that N800 can buy. FACT.