So at the end of January, I took myself off to Dubai for a merry little jaunt and some much needed rest and relaxation. I had a blast, from the very second I got there, until the second I left. Luckily, I have two very reliable ‘Ministers of Enjoyment’ over there – one friend and one cousin – who are both living it up, enjoying the expat life. So I got to experience the city not purely as a tourist, but as it would be if I were a young professional living there. I now understand why people flock there by the droves.

The city itself has a raw energy, something that appeals to your ambition and sense of adventure. It is a huge melting pot of different cultures and influences and supports myriad people who have left home to seek ‘fame and fortune’ as it were. Big roads, fast cars, tall buildings, stunning apartments, beautiful views; a cosmopolitan haven.

Of course, I ate out a lot while I was there and did zero cooking. I had kinda thought that I would try to be a good house guest and cook them each some grub while I was there, but they had me on such a whirlwind schedule of fun that there was no time! I think the most I made was a salad one day before I dashed out the door.

Anyway, here’s a brief run down of my trip in pictures. I will split this into two or three posts, so it doesn’t get too long.


 Nasimi Beach at Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai

This is where the hipsters and cool kids hang out. A really nice beach front chill zone where you can spend all day drinking in the sun, and enjoying stunning panoramic views of Dubai across the water. The mango trifle here melted my heart and stole the show from the seafood pizza. It was super ripe mango and vanilla Chantilly cream. You know I’m going to have to make an Omnomlagos version when I get back home to Lagos…

What food to eat and drink at Nasimi Beach Dubai

Cousins reunited. But first, let's take a selfie

Nasimi Beach Dubai Menu

Atlantis Palm Jumeirah DubaiNasimi Beach Mango Trifle Dubai

Nasimi Beach Pizza Dubai


Atelier M at Pier 7, Dubai Marina

This is a really smart venue, with seven floors worth of wining, dining, and lounge space. We had the crab croquettes with pink grapefruit aoli emulsion, chicken tempura with yuzu mayonnaise, and the best cocktail I have ever ever had –  their Bankers Martini. It was a potent mix of cardamom vodka, lemon and ginger; possibly the best drink I have ever had in my life, bar none. If you go to Dubai, please don’t leave without having one of these. I loved the cocktail so much that they gave me an extra one on the house and also surprised me with their signature chocolate fondant on the house. Their customer service is excellent; well worth going back to. You can read Time Out’s own account of Atelier M here.


Atelier M Bar Pier 7 Dubai Marina

Crab croquettes with pink grapefruit emulsion - food at Atelier M at Pier 7 Dubai

Tempura chicken with spring onion and yuzu aoli - food at Atelier M Pier 7 Dubai

The Bankers Martini cocktail at Atelier M at Pier 7 Dubai

Chocolate pudding at Atelier M Pier 7 Dubai omnomlagos

Omnomlagos Minjiba at Atelier M in Dubai



Where are your favourite haunts in Dubai? I know loads of Naijas go there for Christmas/New Year. Do you like or dislike Dubai and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Next up will be Zuma and a place called Toro Toro. Stay tuned xx