As promised, here is part two of my little adventure. I happened to be there during the 2015 Dubai Shopping Festival, so of course I had to make sure that I was well appraised of what was on offer in the various malls and markets. I really liked the souk in Deira, the old part of town, for its authenticity and ancient charm. I’ve always loved markets and haggling and the traders must have been able to tell I was Nigerian because they kept shouting random words at me, like ‘Aunty Funmi hair’ and ‘kilon se’ and it took all my strength to keep from bursting out laughing. My favourite mall was definitely the Dubai Mall, rather than the Mall of the Emirates; and this was simply because it’s bigger and therefore less crowded, has a better selection of brands, more exciting dining options, and is connected to the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa.

Speaking of the Burj Khalifa, a funny thing kept happening. I kept (inadvertently) swapping the word ‘Burj’ for the word ‘Wiz’. Apparently I did it several times and didn’t even notice. So you can imagine how awkward conversation was in the following sort of exchange.

Person: What do you have planned for tomorrow?

Me: I am going to climb the Wiz Khalifa.

Person: *looking horrified* Wow, okay. You do what works for you. 

Me: *blank stare because I did not realise what I had said*

Needless to say, I corrected myself with quickness as soon as it was pointed out. The last thing I want to do is upset Amber Rose by going round telling people that I want to climb her man… because a) I have no intention of doing anything of the sort; and b) because I am hoping that she will one day come to Lagos and give me dance lessons *cough*. I cannot bite the hand that is going to feed me now can I? Shey you understand… 🙂

Anyway,  back on topic – shopping is hard work when there’s so much ground to cover and so a couple of big, big, dinners were in order. In this post I visited Zuma, the premier destination for gorgeous Japanese food in Dubai. Located in the super smart DIFC area, their signature dish is black cod and it is almost impossible to get a table. Thank goodness I happen to know the right people…hehehe. It was a lovely evening. The atmosphere was buzzy and modern but also plush and quietly superior.

I challenge you not start salivating when you see the pictures below.

I like this photo I took of the Burj Khalifa because it has a fairy tale quality to it, as though a magic wand just waved it into existence.

I like this photo I took of the Burj Khalifa because it has a fairy tale quality to it, as though a magic wand just waved it into existence.



Zuma is a very highly regarded Japanese restaurant, and with good reason. It has bar, lounge, and private dining spaces, all of which have the sort of ambience that make you feel as though you are at the epicentre of hip happenings. There were four of us on this particular evening, and we got to sit in the lounge, looking out from the floor to ceiling windows. It was such a fun evening. We had so much food, it wasn’t even funny. Pics below.



Fried Edamame at Zuma Dubai Cocktails at Zuma Dubai Yellow tail at Zuma Dubai Softshell Crab at Zuma in the DIFC Area of Dubai Dynamite Spider Maki at Zuma Dubai Kinoko Kameshi at Zuma Dubai Dinner and drinks for Four at Zuma in Dubai Special Chocolate Dessert at Zuma Dubai Cherry Cake Dessert at Zuma Dubai Window feature at Zuma Dubai Spicy Beef at Zuma Dubai Grilled Lamb Ribs at Zuma Dubai Kinoko Kameshi Japanese Mushroom Risotto at Zuma Dubai Salmon Maki at Zuma in Dubai Black Cod at Zuma Dubai UAE 4 Variations Sashimi at Zuma in the DIFC Area of Dubai