So it’s really funny how I came to be cooking this soup. I was back in London for a little break and for my brother’s graduation – woop, woop! My siblings had got tickets to go watch Andy Murray and Laura Robson on Centre Court at Wimbledon but because they got them way in advance of my travel plans, when I finally arrived it was too late to bag tickets for me. So I stayed at home watching the match on TV while they were out there enjoying a liquid lunch of Pimms and champagne and strawberries. Life just isn’t fair is it? Anyhow, on their way home, they started making noises about wanting eba and okra soup, which I wholly ignored. Who was going to start cooking soup at that time of night? Not me.

But the next morning, I caved, and used it as an opportunity to teach The Brothership how to make okra for when he’s craving it as okra is probably the easiest of our soups to make. He’s already quite a good cook generally, but wants to learn to make more Naija food, which I think is a noble pursuit. So really, I only guided him, and he made this soup – it tasted really good too! Most of the ingredients came from Finsbury Park, but you janded Naijas know where to find all these things already 😉

chopped okra for okra soup

boiling beef

Jafro Foods ground prawns

Maggi seasoning

Stewing beef from Finsbury Park

Fresh okra

okra soup



If you’re wondering why everything is vacuum packed, it’s because I got all this stuff from Finsbury Park when I went to check out the hair shop and stock up on deep conditioners, hehe. Cooking soup here is really easy because everything comes so conveniently packaged and you literally have to combine ingredients and that’s it.


  • All good soups start with good stock. So put the beef, maggi, one onion and some pepper into a pot and boil until the meat is tender. I like fresh pepper, but you can use dry powdered if that’s all you have
  • Wash the dry fish and add to the pot along with some palm oil and crayfish. You can use stock fish as well as or instead of dry fish if you prefer
  • After that’s cooked up nicely, add the chopped okra, mix well, and leave to simmer for a while
  • Quickly adjust the thickness and seasoning with water, salt, maggi, crayfish, or whatever is needed and then take off the heat. Okra should not be over cooked because you want it to retain all it’s beneficial properties
  • Serve with steaming hot eba or poundo yam or rice, or just eat a big bowl on it’s own

Did you know…

Okra is so good for you. It is a fantastically healthy vegetable because it is high in mucilage which helps to bind and eliminate toxins, and regulate the absorbtion of blood sugar in the small intestine. It is high in B vitamins, essential minerals, proteins, and gut-friendly probiotics, and fibre.