I never run errands on a Friday if I can help it because Lagos traffic on Fridays is just too much to bear. Very few things are important enough to volunteer for that kind of punishment. Today however, I woke up to find the zip of a dress I need for tomorrow broken, and because I hate my back up dress, I decided that this was reason enough to venture out. It is one of those events where there is a dress code, and you have to wear a particular thing so I convinced myself that if I left home about 10am, after the morning rush hour, I could pop to the tailor’s in Ikoyi and be home in no time flat, before the afternoon madness began. You may think I’m making a big deal of this but it once took me 2 hours to get from the Lekki Toll Gate  to 1004 Estate, and after that I swore it would never happen again.

The plan made perfect sense in my head but really I should have known it would be a BAD IDEA. Today is Friday after all and Fridays are allergic to errands, especially when it has rained and the roads are all flooded! So I got to Ikoyi only to find that a massive tree had fallen across the road in front of the NNPC petrol station, and the traffic was tailing back all the way down Kingsway Road to Osborne. And then to add insult to injury, the mad tailor decided that this was going to be one of his schizophrenic mornings where he conveniently failed to hear his phone, despite the fact that we had spoken earlier on and agreed to meet at a specific time.

At this point, between hearing “the number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable” and my left leg cramping from the force of clutching through crawling traffic, I was almost apoplectic with silent, pointless rage. I turned off the main road as soon as I could and doubled back through the back roads until I got to the bridge and escaped from the madness that was Ikoyi. I was cheered mildly by the sight of traffic-free V.I stretching before me, but by this time, somewhere in my subconscious, the idea that I needed to pacify the gods (I mean my body) with something had begun to form. I’m not sure exactly when the words “chicken pie” laid down roots, but before I knew where I was, I was evaluating my surroundings and trying to figure out how best to get my hands on a pie.

Now there are 3 places whose pies I really, really like. Caffe Tranche by Araba,  Nuts About Cakes/Olivia’s Cafe, and Paris Deli. Given that I was in a foul mood, and that my breakfast this morning was a banana, two oranges and a cup of black coffee, I decided that being sensible could go to blazes for the moment, and that I would have a chicken pie (wait for it)… one from each place. And so I did. I stopped at Paris Deli quickly, then headed for Arabas, and then ended up at Olivia’s. And then I came home and enjoyed them. I may have shared a little bit of each one but that’s neither here nor there, really.

I can imagine that you’ve stopped what you’re doing and that your brain is trying to process the information that I indulged in 3 pies today. All I can say is, this is why I avoid traffic; I don’t take it well. And this is certainly the last time I attempt to leave my house on a Friday morning. The most annoying thing is that after all this drama, I got recommended a tailor in Lekki, so my traumatic sojourn was an absolute waste of time. But by the time I realised how pointless my adventure was, I was fortified by carbs and too high on pie to be upset any longer.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the lovely pies.

Caffe Tranche by Araba

Made in the tradition of the cornish pasty. Wonderfully flaky pastry and slightly creamy chicken and carrots on the inside.

Caffe Tranche by Araba Chicken Pie

Nuts About Cakes/Olivia’s Cafe

A hefty, comforting pie made with shortcrust pastry and stuffed with fragrant spicy chicken and some carrots and potatoes.

nuts about cakes/olivias cafe chicken pie

Paris Deli

An open pie with finely chopped chicken, leeks and a bit of cheese resting on puff pastry.Paris Deli Chicken Pie


I’m sure you will agree with me that I deserved every single bite. Muahahahah. Are you a pie person too? Do you have the low down on the best pie in Lagos? Do share… 😉