I missed my Fat Friday post yesterday, and I’m sorry! Here it is now – a little late but still relevant as this is an idea that you can try out all weekend, either for Friday night celebration, Saturday night chilling out, or to cure Sunday night pre-work depression. Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away (I learned this years ago from watching the Care Bears, LOL) and that apples count as one of your five-a-day. Booze is, well, a good idea, and God bless whoever invented it; so the combination of the two seems to me, to be a great way to close out the week. Healthy and happy in one smooth gulp. Don’t tell me I’m not good to you ;).




  • Grab some apples. In these short glasses, you need about two apples per glass, so do the maths for how many people you’re making this for, and how thirsty you all are
  • Put the apples through your juicer
  • Half fill a glass with ice, add a 50ml shot of cognac, and top up with the freshly preshed apple juice
  • Stir, and sip slowly over the course of a long conversation, sighing loudly all the way through
  • I cannot tell you how delicious and mellow and refreshing this drink is. You need to try it ASAP and let me know how it goes down 🙂

The great thing about juicing is that you get the goodness of the whole fruit, the pulp, and fibre and everything. After putting 4 apples through the juicer, look how little waste there was leftover. Once you try freshly pressed apple juice like this, the stuff they sell in the cartons will start to taste so wrong to you. You can juice both fruits and vegetables and I am a big fan of this process. I might do a few more posts on juicing in the future.


Other Ideas

  • Instead of apples and cognac, try pears and whiskey
  • Or skip the ice and hard liquor, half fill a champagne glass with the fresh apple juice and top up with champagne or prosseco
  • Squeeze in some lime juice or cucumber slices for added dimensions of taste
  • As with any other alcohol, please remember to hydrate often with water, and don’t drink and drive!

Cheers to the weekend. Have a good one! xx