This post is a few days late because the pictures were mysteriously refusing to upload. Every time I tried, the web page would shut down so I decided to leave it a while. I hope it works this time!

On Saturday last week (May 18th), I went to the Food & Cultural Fair which I had seen publicised via a couple of e-newsletters. It was sponsored by the International Women’s Society and the Federal Ministry of Tourism & Culture; and chaired by the Honourable Minister himself, Chief Edem Duke. The event took place at the Incubator events centre in Oniru, Victoria Island, which is almost opposite the City of David Church.

The traffic on the way there was horrendous because apart from this event, there were weddings taking place at other event centres in the area. I was so close to giving up and going straight to the pamper session we had planned for after, but my friend *BA* was delirious with hunger, having starved herself all morning in anticipation of the food at the fair, so we pressed on and eventually squeezed into a space about half a mile away from the venue. Leaving the car under the watchful, if slightly high gaze of an area boy called Theophilus, we walked to the venue, trying not to take the sun’s vengeful blazing personally.

We got there quite late, and most of the activities were winding down, and we found that there was not as much diversity as we had hoped there would be foodwise. I almost expected there to be a stand for each major area of the country with examples of their signature dishes. I was hoping to sample weird and wonderful ingredients never before seen, but that was not the case. But it was fun nonetheless and we came away with our arms stuffed with things we planned to enjoy at home later. Here are a few pictures from the day…

Owanbe Mart

They make a wide range of interesting bits, including stuff like yoyo (the little salty fried fish) and ede (the equivalent of yoyo in prawns) eko, kanjika (a sweet tapioca pudding), Frejan, peppered snails, puff puff and mosa, and some local sweets. They do all the usual Owanbe party foods as well, and are very keen to cater for parties, gatherings etc. I bought some puff puff, yoyo and ede, but the part where she really had me was when she told me that they’re based on Lekki 1, on Wole Olateju Crescent, and that they make fresh puff puff every Sunday from about noon. Lord help me. I am weak for puff puff. I really liked these guys because you could tell they were excited by their food and they gave a really capable, confident air.

Rowland’s Foodlogix

They specialise in small chops and other little bits and pieces. We bought and shared a pack of small chops from them and ate that while we looked at the other stalls.


These guys do the Chinese food at Mega Plaza

We didn’t sample any of it but here are pictures anyway

Matthan House

These guys do the shawarmas that are sold after church at TPH so I imagine they already have  a huge client base. They had only chicken on offer that day but can be booked for other options.

Baby Jay

They make cocoyam crisps which were absolutely delicious, and tasted much better than they looked. My favourite flavours were the Onion and the Curry but they also do a plain and a Garlic version.

Designed For Love

Really pretty afrocentric bags and purses and clothes. There was a perspex box clutch that kept winking at me and calling my name but I was determined to be disciplined so I walked away. I still think about it though and I may just fish out her flyer and go in search of her shop…

Aralia By Nature

They do indoor plants and pets. I couldn’t help thinking that the little fishies in the bowl looked like the yoyo I had just bought from Owambe Mart, but that’s a really mean thought isn’t it? Hahaha. I was particularly taken by their cute little cacti pots.

A few other bits and pieces

Did you go to this event? What did you think? Have you been to a food event recently and are there any others coming up that one should know about?