My mum makes the most awesome things out of ginger. She’s like some sort of Ginger Engineer and it’s as though she has this ability to elevate it above its humble station in life. If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan, think of Christina Yang in the Season 9 Season Finale where there was a heart in distress on the table, and Christina, in her cardio kickass way with the lights off, an epic storm outside, and no equipment, simply touched the heart and knew what it needed to fix it. That is my mother and ginger. On this particular day, she made two of her signature things – a Ginger Cordial and her famous Ginger Bursts. The great thing about this combination of goodies is that they use up all the ginger. You get absolutely no wastage and all the goodness.


  • Peel a whole stack of ginger and either grate it, or blend it. Doesn’t really matter which
  • Put it in a pot with water and heat until it simmers, then remove from the heat immediately
  • Strain the liquid with a sieve and set aside – this makes the cordial
  • Set aside the grated ginger chaff – this makes the ginger bursts


GINGER CORDIAL – refreshing, soothing drink, with a mild ginger flavour that makes you feel alive!

  • Mix some sugar, and the juice of a whole lemon into the liquid while it is warm, stirring often to help the sugar dissolve
  • Leave to cool on the counter
  • Once cool, put in the fridge to chill
  • Serve it in a lovely jug with slices of lemon and or mint to garnish it
  • You can drink this alone or use it to add some personality to other boring juices

ginger drink

ginger cordial

GINGER BURSTS –  wonderfully refreshing homemade sweets, packed full of flavour, texture, and a little bit of a kick

  • Melt some butter and brown sugar in a non-stick pan
  • Add the ginger chaff, a squeeze of lemon, honey, and some freshly chopped mint leaves if you have them
  • Mix until everything is well combined and the sugar begins to thicken
  • Turn off the heat and mould into bonbon sized rounds
  • Place the rounds on wax paper or in mini cupcake cases to cool and then transfer to the fridge

ginger bursts

ginger for making candy