Dominos Pizza has recently opened in Lagos. My relationship with Domino’s started properly when I was doing my masters – we would order pizza to the library at 2am, stuff our faces and then go back to work. So I was really excited to hear they’d opened in V. I. and Lekki.

It’s a very busy kitchen. I wonder how many pizzas they make per minute

On a random Tuesday evening, I decided to have a mini Girls Night In and pizza and drinks seemed like the best way to go. So I picked up a Chicken Suya Pizza and a , Meatzaa Pizza from the Domino’s near me in Lekki.

Kneading the bases

The Chicken Suya one was my favourite, and I am not normally a fan of chicken and cheese. The combo tends to make me nauseous, but with the suya pepper sprinkled over, and all the crunchy pepper and onion slices, this is now officially my favourite Domino’s Pizza.

The beginning…

I love that Lagos gets a mention on the box, so you will have to forgive my dodgy photography in cutting it off.

The end…

As a friend of mine pointed out, if 4 girls demolished 16 slices of pizza with only 2 slices left over then it must have been pretty good pizza.

Chicken Suya Pizza 

Medium – N1,800 and Large – N 2,600


Medium – N2,200 and Large N3,000

What’s your favourite Domino’s Pizza?