I cannot believe how rubbish I was at keeping up with blogging. I’m very sorry for the radio silence on Omnomlagos. You see, what had happened was (LOL) I was away for a bit of a break from Lagos and I got incredibly lazy about posting. My greedy stomach wasn’t lazy though, and neither were my greedy jaws, chomping away as they were on all sorts of yummy food. In the 5 weeks I was away I took well over 1,000 photos; mostly of food I had at restaurants and food I cooked, which I hope you will enjoy. It’s just taken ages for me to knuckle down and sort them out but I am starting that project this evening, so hopefully I will be back to regular posting in the next few days. With any luck that will make up for the black out over July.

Hope everyone has had a lovely summer/rainy season so far 🙂