I cannot for the life of me imagine why this outdated and utterly pointless event still takes place. Environmental is one Saturday a month, set aside by a government past which was about communal cleaning and public sanitation. In reality, it is really just a curfew imposed on citizens one Saturday a month from 7am to 10am, where the whole city is on lock-down all morning, and the police get one more opportunity to  torment people for going about their daily business. Given that our country is still filthy, and that all this monthly communal ‘cleaning’ has not made a blind bit of difference, I don’t know why this silly tradition is still observed.

The funny this is that during environmental, nobody actually cleans the streets because no one is allowed to be on them! If you want to observe Lagos being cleaned, you are more likely to find this on a Monday morning when you are in a hurry to get to work, and one very sleepy LAWMA lady with her hairnet still on reduces a busy two lane road to one lane with her bright orange cones while she sweeps the sand into small piles. If you are driving to work and meet a bottle neck, it is because that is when Lagos is cleaned. Not once a month at environmental.

Anyway, on the most recent environmental morning, we decided that pancakes and prosecco were in order. If you are going to be on lock down, might as well make it fun, right?

On the menu was:

  • Pancakes (plain and chocolate chip)
  • Whipped Cream
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Bacon
  • Chicken Wings

First, I set about making the pancakes. These are all made from scratch, not from a mix and I will post my pancake recipe below if you fancy giving it a go. The mixed berries, bacon, and whipping cream were bought from Shoprite, as were the plain chicken wings, which I then seasoned at home with sesame seeds, brown sugar, coriander, spring onions, garlic, apple cider vinegar, scotch bonnet peppers, salt, some aromat, and pepper. The wings were then baked in the oven as opposed to fried – you know how I feel about gratuitous frying oil, haha. The bacon was quick to make too, and the fruit was chopped and chilled while waiting for everything else to be ready. We had freshly squeezed orange juice, which we mixed with the prosecco, kind of like mimosas. The prosecco came form Ekulo Wine World on Tiamyu Savage, VI. It is very reasonably priced at N10,000 for a case of 6. It is wonderfully light and refreshing and went down very well with breakfast (ahem, I mean brunch). At brunch you are allowed to drink before noon… *grin*. Sadly I cannot find pictures of the prosecco. I will rummage through my folder again and see if I can find them.

It was a wonderful morning… but enough chatter from me. Here are pictures below  – enjoy! Do you have a special pancake recipe? Do share…

sesame seed covered chicken wings

blueberries and strawberries

fluffy american pancakes omnomlagos

smoked back bacon

pancakes and chicken and bacon

canti prosseco mimosas

P.S. Regarding the LAWMA street cleaners, I do think they are doing a good job because they are consistent. Out every day, sweeping, sweeping, sweeping; and that is exactly the sort of culture we need to adopt. A bit of maintenance everyday rather than huge moves occasionally.