Dear blog family,

Happy new year! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2014 closed out on a high. 2014 for me was a sustained period of hyper reality and magnetic good fortune that I sometimes was completely bowled over by.

I learnt that it always behoves you to operate in your area of strength. It is always right to find your groove and stick to it, regardless of whether it is a popular choice or not. It is wrong to try to bend over backwards to fit into a mould that is not meant for you – no matter how perfect that mould seems to be for other people. Each of us has a path and a journey, and no one else can live it out for us. No one else can fulfil the mission that you have been sent here to do.

As we charge headlong into a new year, I challenge you, and challenge myself, to face the mission that is ours. Let each of us face our own work and our own assignment. Let us collaborate and help each other out. Let us encourage and cheerlead and sustain each other. Let us be selfless and open. Let us be generous. Let us be excited. Let us share ideas. Let us be champions of each other’s success. Let us not be bogged down in the mire of common human folly. Let us ascend and toil upward, toward the very best that is possible, within the confines of our humanity.

I want to thank you all for the love and support that all of you have given me on this journey, thus far. I appreciate every view, every comment, every referral, every share, every little thing – please continue to share and spread the word. Both to those who will listen, and those who won’t ;). May your own hustle be blessed also, and may you find your passion, and may it bring you joy. May your 2015 be as yummy as these strawberry frappucino cupcakes.