Hello Guys and Girls,

How is your 2014 coming along? It has been a busy month so far at Omnomlagos as there is lots of work to do in preparation for all the exciting developments planned. One of the things we are introducing this year is our monthly give away/competition. It’s a really simple idea, but it will basically run like this – every month, we will team up with a food or lifestyle brand we are excited about (hopefully Nigerian, but not always) and give you the opportunity to win some exciting products from said brand.

To kick off the year, we start off with Mamadoc Puff Puff and Pancake Mix. The puff puff mix got such a positive response when I tried it that I thought it was only fitting that we give you the opportunity to try it for your selves. To this end, we have x3 sets to give away to three lucky winners. Each set includes x1 Puff Puff Mix and x1 Pancake Mix.


How to enter this competition:

Send an email to omnomlagos@gmail.com with ‘MamaDoc’ as the subject for the email. Winners will be randomly be selected on Friday 31st January, and you will be contacted if you are one of the three lucky winners. So please enter the competition, and spread the word to your friends and family. The more entrants, the more fun it will be 🙂

Small Print in Big Print:

Please note that only one entry per person will be considered. For now this is restricted to Lagos due to logistics, but I am looking into how this can be changed in the future. Good luck!