Lorraine Pascal Home Cooking Made Easy

Lorraine Pascal is one of my favourite TV cooks. She used to be a model, before she turned her hand to being a patisserie chef. She is stunning, talented, congenial and practical. I like the fact that all her recipes are easy to follow, with simple ingredients that you are likely to have lying about the house, but they still come out looking and tasting great.  If you’re in Lagos, you can catch her on BBC Lifestyle on DSTV Channel 174 at 20:30 on Tuesday evenings.

I made her Steamed Chocolate Pudding because we had a house guest coming to stay, and I didn’t know until the day he arrived that it was his birthday. There was no way we could have someone stay and not make a fuss of them on their birthday, but I didn’t have time to go out to get a cake, so this recipe was perfect really. It felt more festive and decadent than regular chocolate cake, had really good texture, and tasted divine.  I didn’t have Mare bars as the recipe asked for, so I improvised and used Minstrels instead. I didn’t grease the glass bowl as I was supposed to either (I was in a mad hurry) so it came out looking a bit more dilapidated than it does in the book, but I thought that was rather charming and it was still yummy so *shrug*.

I’ve posted the recipe and pics below.

Fancy giving this a go? Try it and let me know :).