Maggi chicken cube mixed with spices

What an honour to be selected by Maggi Nigeria as one of the 50 influential women, to help them celebrate their 50th birthday. Anyone who does not know Maggi must be living under a rock, as we all grew up on it. As part of their celebrations, they sent a box of goodies to 50 women with one request – to cook up a feast. I received garden eggs, an assortment of peppers, sweet potato, vegetable oil, maggi cubes, a chopping board, and a spice rub. It was a lovely box, all customised and personalised and everything!

Maggi mystery box ingredients

So here, I am sharing my own special maggi inspired feast. I took a few pictures to document the process. Enjoy.


I started off by mixing the spice rub with two Maggi chicken stock cubes.Maggi chicken cube mixed with spices

Then I caked the mixture onto the chicken and set it aside for 30 minutes, until the spice rub was absorbed into the skin. In the spice mix was cumin, black pepper, salt, paprika and curry powder. It smelled so good.

Maggi chicken spice rub

Then I drizzled it with a bit of oil, and cooked it in my trusty griddle pan on both sides until the skin was beautifully charred. To get the chicken to cook through, I covered the pan with thick foil while it was searing to take advantage of all that heat and steam. The result – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

How to cook chicken through in a griddle pan

Next, I made the peppers into a wicked sauce by slicing them and sauteeing them with onions, salt, honey and apple cider vinegar.

Assorted pepper sauce

Then, I made garden egg tempura with the garden eggs which is the most delicious and surprising thing you have ever tasted. To make it, I cut the garden eggs into wedges, and the dusted them in the same maggi-spiked spice rub as the chicken.

Seasoned garden eggs

Then, I mixed up some tempura batter, coated each angara/garden egg wedge in batter and then deep fried in the oil. I cannot begin to explain to you how amazing these were.

Garden egg tempura

I decided to keep the sweet potato simple so I boiled it in salt water – you can it peeking out under the chicken. The pepper sauce is what the tempura is resting on in the cups.

Finally, I put all the components together, and here is the final result! Thank you Maggi, this was fun and delicous. I think I should name my dish…

Spicy Chicken with Garden Egg Tempura, Sweet Potatoes and Pepper SauceMaggi at 50 Food by Minjiba Cookey of Omnomlagos