I don’t think I’m going to write very much on this post. If you love cake, then there are a few key places on the planet that you can go to meditate  on the greatness of cake and indulge your inner fiend. One of these places is the Magnolia Bakery in New York. I have loved these guys for a long, long time, and when I walked through the door, I felt a sense of having arrived just where I was supposed to be.

The smell in there is just divine, and there is something about all that pastel-coloured butter cream icing that super imposes a wonderful sugary glow on the rest of your day. The one we went to on this particular day is the Rockefeller Centre one on 49th and 6th, which was rather small, so we ended up going to the little park area across the way on 6th Avenue and enjoying our goodies. There were lots of suited types there looking all smug with their oh-so-cute Bento boxes, but we paid them no attention whatsoever. This afternoon was made for eating cake and reveling in the sun.

Let all the Magnolia Bakery fans please stand up. Long live cake .