I make no apologies for my love of puff puff, and my inability (more like flat out refusal) to say no the stuff. So you can understand how triumphant I felt when I spotted this on the shelves at Ebeano. For N300 and the small investment of 1 hour of your day, you can have a mountain of steaming hot, glistening puff puff all to your self. The packaging is good, and beside the instructions, there are a few useful hints and tips. I have put my interpretation of the ones I found most useful in ‘Observations’ below. I am particularly enthusiastic about this because it is made in Nigeria by a company called Lamshol Foods. They also make a Pancake Mix but I haven’t tried that yet.

This is exactly the sort of stuff we need more of. I hope they keep the quality consistent. I also hope that they are exporting this. puff puff mixI just imagine Nigerians abroad spotting this on a supermarket shelf on a cold winters day and offering up their best Azonto/Kpakurumo right there in the aisles, much to the amusement of other shoppers and the security people watching the store on CCTV cameras.

puff puff mix with water


This is a quick and easy puff puff recipe. Simply add 300 ml of tepid water to the puff puff powder, cover with a dish cloth and leave to rise in a warm corner for an hour, and then deep fry it in hot oil.


  • I added two tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of mixed spice because I know from the last time I made it that it needs to be sweetened slightly. But that’s OK. I imagine they manufacture it that way deliberately so that you can sweeten it to your taste.
  • First time I made it, I got flattish patties because the oil I fried it in was too shallow. Forget your fancy frying pan, ladies and gents. You need to channel your inner Mama Put and fry this stuff in a pot that seems slightly too small. You’ll get more depth for the same quantity of oil, and the puffs will have the room to form into nice bouncy balls
  • The oil needs to be super hot otherwise the puffs will absorb too much oil and be soggy


Hell yeeeaaaaaah! Mama Doc Puff Puff for life. I have no complaints what so ever. If you are a puff puff addict, who has previously suffered emotional imbalances and dark mood swings due to the unavailability of puff puff on the day your cravings choose to strike, this is the answer to all your problems. Trust me. Yeah, you’re welcome ;).