Some mornings, you wake up and you know that the only thing that can make the day feel a bit brighter is a burst of sweet, fresh, juicy fruit. I mean, I have fruit in some way with breakfast every day, and snack on it throughout the day, but sometimes I feel like I want the fruit to be the whole breakfast and not just a part of it. The morning I made these smoothies was one such morning. This recipe is super easy to make, I promise, as literally all you have to do is chuck some fruit in a blender and count to 10. I like to pour it into individual glasses, cover with clingfilm, and stick in the fridge so people can grab them whenever they like throughout the day. They’ll taste fresh for a couple of days like this if you live in a part of the world where there is constant power. In Lagos, I’d say about a day, max. But let’s not talk about that. We shouldn’t leave fruit moping around in the fridge anyway, when it loves to be eaten so whether or not there’s power is irrelevant, heehee!

Here are some step by step photos:

First, gather ye thine fruit and lay it out on the counter. Peel what needs peeling and chop what needs chopping. 



Next, put it all in the blender, all together.



Blitz, blitz, blitz and admire the colours of goodness. 



Serve it up into generous portions and enjoy!



Here, I used mangoes, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, limes, ginger, and a healthy dollop of natural yoghurt. You can use almost any combination of fruit that you have. You can also use greek style yoghurt, if you prefer that; but never ever those horrible pre-flavoured yoghurts, please. And nothing that says ‘low fat’ as those two offenders just completely demean anything you add them to. For my sister who is sometimes lactose intolerant, I skip the yoghurt and use a good brand of soya milk such as Alpro Soya instead but remember not to be too slack-wristed if you’re using milk as you don’t want to end up with a thin, watery smoothie. The yoghurt (along with the lime – yum yum) gives it a bit more of a tangy flavour and a bit of thickness, whereas using milk (soya or otherwise) gives it a bit more sweetness and a thinner consistency. You can also do this with plain fruit and no dairy or dairy-like substances. The choice is yours.

I’ve found this smoothie goes down particularly well in the following situations:

i. After a nice little morning run. You feel smug and superior and convinced of your own righteousness. We all need that from time to time

ii. When you’ve stayed up saucer-eyed all night watching Homeland and then woken up angst-ridden and grumpy. This calms the Homeland jitters

iii. When you have perhaps over indulged in champagne the night before and feel the need to atone for your sins

iv. …that’s all I can think of for now. But please feel free to share your motivation for making smoothies in the comments below 🙂