Yesssssss – public holidays galore! We are in the middle of a long Sallah weekend, and then we also have Independence Day coming up this week. Personally I can’t think of anything I want to do more than just relax. Can you believe we are nearly in October already? Anyway, I thought that I would help you all to relax as well by putting together a list of my eight favourite foodie movies. Hope you enjoy them – and leave a comment to let me know which are your faves, and if there are any others that you think should be on this list. Have fun! xx


1. Chef

Starring: Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson

IMDb says: A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged family.

Omnomlagos says: I love this movie because it is so full of raw passion for creating exciting food. It is funny and touching. It dares you to dream and completely absorbs you in the story. By the end of this film, you feel you have made new imaginary friends. And the kid in it is so cute.


2. The Hundred Foot Journey

Starring: Hellen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal

IMDb says: The Kadam family leaves India for France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory’s Michelin-starred eatery.

Omnomlagos says: This one made me cry. If you have big food-related dreams in your heart then this struggle and triumph will reduce you to tears. I don’t cry, on principle, over works of fiction – but this one got me! It is so beautiful.


3. Chocolat

Starring: Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche

IMDb says: A woman and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a small French village that shakes up the rigid morality of the community.

Omnomlagos says: What a potent and bewitching story. This film explores the theme of cooking being alchemy. If you are a heart-led cook, then you will identify with this and enjoy the unlikely love story that it weaves.


4. The Lunch Box

Starring: Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

IMDb says: A mistaken delivery in Mumbai’s famously efficient lunchbox delivery system connects a young housewife to an older man in the dusk of his life as they build a fantasy world together through notes in the lunchbox.

Omnomlagos says: I find it hard not to interpret this film with a Naija/Nollywood persepctive. I am like ehn? Are you sure she did not wash *kpun* and put in this man’s food?But after you have cleared your cynicism, it is an incredibly sweet story, and plays on that Indian/Bollywood theme that we know so well – which is that true love is cultivated over time, not necessarily ignited in one moment. Perhaps true, true, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


5. No Reservations

Starring: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Abigail Breslin

IMDB says: The life of a top chef changes when she becomes the guardian of her young niece.

Omnommlagos says: They say that chefs and surgeons have something in common. They may be nice, warm people in every other situation, but at work, their game faces come out and you better not set a foot wrong in their kitchen or theatre. This movie shows how life carries on in spite of us, and how tragedy can sometimes bring unexpected benefits like love.


6. It’s Complicated

Starring: Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin

IMDb says: When attending their son’s college graduation, a couple reignite the spark in their relationship…but the complicated fact is they’re divorced and he’s remarried.

Omnomlagos says: Why does no one have Aunty Meryl down as a comedic genius? This film is full of awkward moments, and is quite frankly hilarious. If you are down in the dumps, this film will save you.


7. Julie and Julia 

Starring: Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Chris Messina

IMDb says: Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book.

Omnomlagos says: Aunty Meryl in another foodie movie – yaay! Here in Nigeria we are very well versed in the concept of having a main job and then a passion project or side hustle to keep you going, creatively. It is a story of challenges, and self discovery.


8. Ratatouille

Starring: Bad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt

IMDb says: A rat who can cook makes an unusual alliance with a young kitchen worker at a famous restaurant.

Omnomlagos says: I saw this in the cinema when it first came out. I went in there with a grim look on my face, ideologically opposed to the idea of a rat having possessing such delusions of grandeur. I mean come on. Why did the script not include more thorough pest control? But you know what? It was great. Side-splitting funny and so cute. It is definitely a little freaky, I can’t lie, but worth a watch.

What are your top foodie/food related movies? Share, share, share!