It pains me that the phrase Netflix and chill rolls so easily off the tongue, because I’m not smiling with them anymore. I found to my dismay a few weeks ago, that although they are happy to take money off customers, they are not providing the full content and full service to all their customers, especially if you are outside the US. I only discovered this because at the height of the excitement, when House of Cards was released, it was those of us who pay to subscribe that ended up seeing it last because Netflix had blocked the content. Other people who just downloaded it off the internet had got it quickly and since moved on. I’m irritated because Netflix are exacerbating the very problem they claim they came to solve.

You can’t take money off customers and then keep us two seasons behind on your original shows like HOC because you are worried about piracy. That’s two years behind. Why would we pay for that? Dude, if we’re paying, we ain’t pirates!  If we’re paying full price and getting half service, who is the pirate then, hmm? #rant

I was really tempted to keep my subscription and for about an extra month, I did; especially because there are loads of great food documentaries on there, like Chef’s table. Have you guys seen Chef’s Table? If you love food – and I think it is safe to assume you do, given that you are on this blog 🙂 then it is a must-watch. It is basically a 6-episode collection which follows a different chef in each episode. The depth and effervescence of their passion is infectious. Their skill, their perfectionism, their dedication to their craft is just out of this world and I was really inspired by watching them. There are other great food shows there as well and so I toyed with the idea of keeping it on for that, but I decided not to as on principle, it is just plain wrong what Netflix are doing. I am not working my butt off to give $10 to a company for free. I won’t be renewing after this month is up, and if I want to look for food shows, I will download them from iTunes who have remained straight shooters from the beginning. No long ting.

Anyway, I think I should stop ranting now. It is the weekend, and I always find that there’s a need to have nibbles and things round the house. It is nice to graze while you’re watching shows and kicking back on the couch, and I arrived on the idea of platters because they make it easy for everyone to have a bit of everything and share. So here are a couple of my favourite a fusion Nigerian and Mediterranean TV-watching platter ideas for you to feast on, no matter what you are watching.

On this one there are olives, tomatoes, onions, grilled aubergines, beef koftes, green peppers, coconut, smoked chicken, avocado and ube. There are two dips on this one – a caesar salad dressing one and a chilli hot sauce one.


Feel free to swap the ube out for something else like sweet potato wedges, since ube is out of season. And if you don’t fancy making your own beef koftes, swap that our for suya that you can easily pick up on your way home.


This platter works very well because it is all healthy and everyone enjoys it. I love it because it means I can still enjoy the same nibbles as everyone else, even though I am mostly Paleo.

Netflix and chill food


This bad boy right here is one of my other favourite combo platters to make. Sometimes I do it all together like this one which has hummus, beef, fresh guacamole, seared prawns and pitta bread.

Hummus and guacamole combo platter with prawns and beef Omnomlagos

I don’t think I have a guac recipe on the blog, but I did post one on Instagram recently if you would like to give it a try. This platter tastes delicious, and super premium. Give it a go, and again feel free to make substitutions.

Guacamole carrot and cucumber sticks

Like if you don’t have prawns, try squid, or chicken or peppered gizzard or whatever you have. The beauty of food comes out best in flexibility and improvisation. You can find my hummus recipe here, if you would like to try your hand at making it.

Hummus and pitta bread with beef

Have a lovely weekend guys. And let me know what you like to snack on while you’re chilling at the weekend. xx