Hi people,

I’m sure you’ve noticed me mention this new piece of equipment a few times. I promised in this post to do a review on the AirFryer, so here it is. I use this machine A LOT. It is the new favourite in my kitchen at home. I keep threatening to hide it because everybody loves to use it. All of a sudden we are all AirFrying everything, it’s really quite cute. As you can see, we love dodo. But then again, who doesn’t?

It was given to me by the friendly folks at Philips when we worked together and I really love it. Here are some pictures of the food adventures I’ve had with it. It basically uses something called RapidAir technology to fry, roast, and grill your food. This means that unstead of plunging your food into frightful depths of oil, you can brush it lightly (if at all) with a tiny amount of oil, and pop it in the AirFryer to get similar results. I have made everything from sauteed potatoes to sweet potato chips to crab cakes to dodo to chicken suya to roasted aubergines, to kelewele, to yam and fish cakes in this and it fries them all to perfection.

It is really easy to use too, with a dial for temperature and a dial for time.

  1. You set each to your preferred mark
  2. You place your food in the basket.
  3.  You kick back and relax until it’s done
  4.  And then you enjoy…


Airfried kelewele Airfried sweet potato chips Airfried yam chips Airfried yam mackarel cakes Airfired aubergines Airfried chicken suya Airfried dodo discs Airfried dodo oblongs Airfried dodo party cubes


P. S. A couple of people have asked me where you can get these in Lagos – you can find them at Game, I think, and also online at Konga and Jumia.

Philips AirFryer (Review)
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