I made this on the spur of the moment one evening when I was feeling peckish. To be honest, it was closer to a midnight snack than it was to supper, but it took no more than 10 minutes to make so it is a good idea if you are at a loose end and need something to eat quickly, at any time of the day. I know, I know – Indomie isn’t good for you, with the MSG and all that, which is why I seldom eat it, but let s/he who has never capitulated to an Indomie craving cast the first stone.


I thought so… 🙂

Pics and method below.


  •  Put some Indomie (plus the seasoning), shredded cabbage, green pepper and a bit of water in a dish and microwave it for 3 minutes. 
  • While that’s cooking, slice up the sausage (Smoked Russians, bought from Shoprite but you can use whichever type you’ve got), put it in a nonstick pan on high heat with a drizzle of olive oil and some onions
  • Once the slices are nicely charred on each side, chuck on some more onions and a splash of balsamic vinegar. The pan will go a bit wild and sizzly, and then you can turn off the heat
  • The microwave should have pinged by this time and the noodles should be ready, so pour the noodles into the pan with the sausages, throw in some tomato slices, and mix
  • Then pour the whole lot into  a bowl and settle down to watch an episode of Scandal or Game of Thrones.

P. S. Whenever I use the green Indomie packs, I use all the powdery seasoning and skip that horrible oil sac with weird bits floating in it. That stuff just tastes like diesel. If you like it, by all means use it, but I routinely chuck it out.

Other ideas:

  • Use strips of leftover roast chicken, prawns, asun, suya, or any other meat you have instead of sausages (I have tried them all and they work)
  • Use warmed up, leftover spaghetti or pasta, or even rice noodles instead of Indomie noodles
  • If balsamic vinegar doesn’t go with your substitute meat, then skip it or then use a small splash of soy sauce, worcecstershire sauce, fresh lemon, or orange juice instead
  • Use any veg you have. Just make sure it stays nice and crunchy and alive. I hate overcooked, dead veg
  • I like my Indomie noodles quite firmso I only cook them in a little bit of water, but feel free to use more water if you like them soupy

What’s your secret Indomie recipe? Do share…