Sometimes, I think chicken is really boring. I go through phases where I can manage it, and others where I think surely there has to be more to life than this. You have probably noticed from my posts that I am more likely to cook with seafood or red meat than chicken. I have been called all kinds of names by friends who think my passive attitude to chicken is unacceptable but alas this is where I find myself. I cannot pretend to love something just because I am supposed to. I do make chicken occasionally, but when I do, I make sure to pack it with flavour, and I always try to keep it clean and fresh tasting so as not to feel sick.

On this particular occasion, we had been to do some grocery shopping and run some errands. Errands took slightly longer than anticipated, and by the time we go home, I thought it was a good idea to just cook the damn bird, and not worry about whether it would survive being refrigerated or frozen to be consumed later.

I eyeballed the bird, and thought to myself, ‘how are we going to elevate you from your sorry, plain existence, hmm?’ The solution in this case was to make a lovely, flavoured butter and stuff it under the skin, so that it would infuse into the meat as it cooked, and also create juices to double up as gravy afterwards.



  • Mix chopped parsley, garlic, ginger, chilli, black pepper, rock salt, lime juice and honey with some softened (but not melted butter) in a bowl
  • Carefully lift the skin with your fingers and ease the butter in under it, especially over the breast which is the are most in need of a flavour boost
  • Slice some onions and place them at the bottom of a dish, then place the seasoned chicken on the bed of onions
  • Rub the rest of the butter over the skin, on the outside
  • Roast the chicken uncovered in the oven at 180* for about an hour or more, depending on the size of your chicken.
  • Every so often, baste the chicken with the yummy onion-y juices
  • The great thing about this is you can do this with any fresh herbs you have, and any combination of spices. Think fresh coriander and mustard seeds or basil and red pimento, the combinations are endless