Rainy season is still on here in Lagos, Nigeria, and I am still obsessed with mangoes. I made this for dessert after Sunday lunch one day. It is a versatile little dish, which you can make in a big dish like I did here or in individual ramekins for a personalised touch. This was conceived of as a pure mango crumble, but I didn’t have enough mangoes so I had to supplement with pears and apples. Pears are not my favourite fruit. I find them to be a bit wishy-washy and spineless, always asking for permission to speak, but never really speaking loud enough.

I’ve never combined the two fruits like this before but it worked well, I think. The mangoes gave the pears a bit of character. And in turn, the pears tempered the super sweet mangoes down to more humble levels as this sort of baking really deepens the intensity of already sweet fruits.  The apples remained impartial. Overall, balance was achieved.

Balance is a good thing.

The crumble topping was reeeallly easy because I used a food gift that my dear godmother gave me – fruit crisp from Canada. The Turkish Vanilla also came from her. Isn’t she awesome? Anyway, it was one of those ready mix affairs and the only other embellishment I gave it was mixing it with oats to give it some texture.

I’ll try not to ramble on today. On to the recipe and pictures. As always, try this at home and enjoy! xx

Fruit Crisp from Canada Om Nom Lagos

Apples Pears and Mangoes ready to be crumbled Om Nom Lagos

Apple Pear and Mango Crumble In dish ready to bake Om Nom Lagos

Chicken Republic Ice Cream in my freezer Om Nom Lagos




Chopped up apples, mangoes and pears in any proportion you like. Use up what’s in your fridge.

Crumble topping of some description. There’s a recipe here.



  • Mix your fruit with the pure vanilla and cinnamon sugar
  • Place the fruit in the bottom of your dish
  • Mix the crumble mixture with oats
  • Top with the crumble mixture
  • Bake in the oven and bake at 180*C for 40 minutes or until golden on top
  • Serve with frozen yoghurt or ice cream and enjoy:) – as you can see I am also slightly obsessed with Chicken Republic ice cream so I served it with that.