So I made brownies a few weekends ago. From time to time I try out different recipes but I was horrified to realise that I have not blogged about any of these brownie adventures on this blog, ever. I mean is that even forgivable? I’m thinking that it’s not, and that I owe you all an apology.

I am sorry.

Hopefully, this batch will make up for it.

I warn you though, that this brownie recipe is not for unicorns who dabble in the sugary chocolate meadow but very quickly trot off elsewhere. This is not for people who believe that chocolate is only about sweetness and gustatory aesthetics. This is for the professionals, the shameless addicts, the chocolate afficionados and cacao well wishers club who like their chocolate dark, verging on sinister; ever so slightly opinionated and completely resolute. For this batch, I divided the batter into two; one bit was topped with Ferrero Rocher and the other with fresh salted caramel popcorn. I thought the contrast would look pretty all served up together.



These brownies, ladies and gents, were made from Lindt 90% cocoa solids chocolate which I stumbled upon, to my great delight, in Goodies. I’ve found 70% in Lagos before, even 85%, but never 90%. I felt so lucky.




Now to enjoy these brownies, the correct etiquette is this:

Take a bite. Close your eyes. Open your mind and think. Have an awesome brain wave. Repeat until brownie has disappeared. Wonder where brownie went. Shrug. Reach for another one. Repeat.



The final product laid out on a tray, waiting to be eaten… Please, please, you guys have to not let me be fat alone. Or at the very least share your favourite brownie ideas and toppings and tricks so that I can derive comfort from the fact that other people dream of brownies at night too, and maybe it’s not just me out here all alone.