I heard about the Urban Fuxion Food Truck from Mayowa. She told me there was a new food boo in town who was ruining her summer waistline. And then loads of other people mentioned that I should try it. I kept meaning to try it and I never got round to it. And then one day my brother took me to lunch there because we had been wrestling with spreadsheets all morning and a bit of a boost was needed. When I finally went to check them out, I understood what everyone was raving about. I even reported myself to you guys on Instagram, because I went back twice that very first day, and have been back a few times after. I obviously have no shame.

The first thing I really like is that the truck itself is a nice thing to look at and lends a bit of pop-arty playfulness to these mean Lagos streets.

Urban Fuxion Half Rack of Slow Smoked BBQ Ribs

Urban Fuxion Prawn Tempura

The second thing I like is the food is actually pretty damn good. I LOVE the Slow Smoked BBQ Ribs, the Prawn Tempura and the Signature Chicken Wings. I didn’t really like the burgers (tried the Classic Fuxion Burger as well, although only the Primetime Burger is pictured here), but that’s just me. I know some people who prefer the burger to the ribs. The bottom line is, you will love something, and that thing will make your trip there worth it!

Urban Fuxion Signature Chicken Wings

Urban Fuxion Primetime Burger

The third thing I like is that it is in Lekki, which makes it super easy to grab myself a fix. ‘Yaay, me’, says my brain. But my hips say otherwise.

The fourth thing I like is they do cocktails to go. They understand the needs of the people! My favourite was the Strawberry Margarita but the Mangorita is good too, and oh so refreshering on a sweltering hot day!

Minjiba Omnomlagos and Ibifagha at Urban Fuxion Food Truck Manager

And then of course, I asked the manager, Mr Akim loads and loads of questions and the poor guy was probably thinking ‘who is this chick and what does she want’ – but we all had a bit of a laugh and it was all together fun.

If you’re looking to go, you can find the food truck parked on Providence Street, Lekki Phase 1. This is on the same road as Garment Care and Bras Motors and Harvesters International Church.

Have you tried them out already? What did you like or not like? And what do you recommend I try next? Has anyone tried the Half Bird on the menu? Leave a comment to let me know 🙂