The other evening, I went for a little chinwag with my friend, the lovely *UO* because we hadn’t caught up in ages. We decided to go to Winehouse because it is nice and calm, very reasonably priced, and packed to the gills with fantastic wines from all over the world. They also have a little shop where you can buy bottles to take home. I have actually started stocking my house with their wines because I’ve gotten so bored of all the same old, same old varieties that we see in the other shops in Lagos. This is the only wine shop I currently find inspiring.

Where: 19 Mekunwen Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

Price Range: Bottles of wine start at about N1,200 for a basic red and go all the way up to perhaps about N7,000 for others. Food/nibbles ranges from N800 – N3,500 depending on what you order

Food and Drinks: We shared a bottle of  Valdeviso Rose bubbly, the biggest, most wonderous peppered snails, soft, tender gizzard and two plates of their yummy chips. I live for these peppered snails. They are always so fresh and so huge, I just can never believe my luck when they are brought out. They do wonderful whole grilled fish and all sorts of other good nibbles as well, but that felt like overkill as there were only two of us. Maybe I’ll post and update with more pics when next I go!

Atmosphere: Always blissfully calm and not too crowded. The space is really welcoming, with deep plush sofas and low tables – it’s set up for conversation and hanging out with close friends. There’s an outside terrace as well, if you would prefer to drink/dine al fresco

Service: Very well trained staff. They are super eager and attentive and helpful. I appreciate this because we all know how hard it is to get good service in Lagos – yikes!



peppered gizzard at winehouse

fries at the winehouse, ikoyi

peppered snails at the winehouse, ikoyi