These cookies were made for two reasons.

i) As a guilt offering to a friend who despite her enjoyment of my banana cake and cupcakes and other baked goods, has accused me of not loving her at all, because I just haven’t made cookies since we’ve known each other.

ii) I was invited to a chilled out house party and I wanted to take something tasty and fun. Something we could nibble on that was light and sweet, and moreish.

So the bottom line is that on one Saturday morning at about 6.30am after I had come back from a run, I got to baking cookies. This is my own recipe that I made up, and I want to tweak it a few more times before I share it so I don’t steer you wrong; so bear with me while I work on getting the recipe publishable. But the good news is, I can tell you what’s in them so you can imagine the flavours together. These cookies are made of flour, brown sugar, almonds, butter, eggs and vanilla.

They  were easy to make and they hardened slightly as they cooled, but they only stayed crisp around the edges. The middle bits remained slightly chewy and the sliced almonds gave it lovely texture and bite. Of course by the time I was done making these, it was about breakfast time, and there was no way I wasn’t going to have a few, you know, just to sample them. So my brekkie that morning was coffee and cookies. I definitely negated the effects of my exercise, but I can’t say I felt bad about that, hahaha. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the process. Enjoy! Are you a cookie fan? Everyone is to some degree, right? Leave a comment if you like the look of these :).


toasted almond cookies