I was really excited to open the fridge one day and find that my Dad had brought back two bottles of freshly made zobo from his travels to Ghana. I almost did a jig in front of the fridge. OK that’s a lie. It wasn’t an almost. I most definitely did do a jig in front of the fridge. I love this stuff. We call it Zobo in Nigeria, but it is also called Sorrel or Bissap in other parts of West Africa. I am told it is hugely popular in Jamaica.

It is made from steeping hibiscus leaves in water and letting the leaves infuse. They are either left to steep for a long time, or boiled slightly and then sweetened with a touch of sugar, pineapple and ginger to intensify the flavours. Either way, the result is the same; a wonderfully refreshing, all natural drink, that scores top marks for health benefits, taste, and dashing good looks.

I couldn’t resist making myself up a little tray and snapping away with my camera. Hey-heeeey *fingersnap* :). Do you like Zobo? Do you buy it already made or make it for yourself at home? If you know good places to get it in Lagos, please share in the comments.